Water Damage

  • Water damage can occur at any time, should it be a leak from plumbing or weather that causes rain water to come in to your home. When it happens Water Damage Services Florida is here for you.

    We normally get the most telephone calls when we get a bad influx of rain, one storm can cause not only flooding but it exposes you if you have any issues with the integrity of your roof or around any window frames. Any cracks in the home will cause water to seep in and damage drywall and other aspects of the property like the ceiling, so it’s our job to come in and repair every aspect of the home that is suffering water damage before it gets worse.

    Our water damage experts use only the latest technology to clean up water damage; we also have our mold inspection team on standby if any mold is found in the property while we are dealing with the present issue. We can deal with the insurance company for you if needed and we also can help you with any paper work.

    Our water damage services in Florida include but are not limited to the following:

    • Drying services
    • Disinfecting
    • Crawl space and attic drying and repair
    • Damaged material removal
    • Full home drying
    • Commercial water damage repair
    • Dehumidifier use
    • Energy efficient fans
    • Odor removal and sanitizing

    To check for additional water damage behind walls that you want to keep in good condition we have special instruments that can show if a suspected leak is happening. This means that we don’t have to go around removing bits of drywall like back in the day to see if something needs addressing. Technology has not only made cleaning a place much quicker it has advanced the detection process for any suspected water damage.

    No matter the size of the property we will be able to handle any water damage situation; we have a large team of staff who can be at your property as soon as you call. They are all trained and licensed on how to deal with any water damage issue and they will show you the affected area and will write up a report for you so you have it for your records or you can use it to show the insurance company if you have decided to use them. If you have any question regarding water damage in Florida then please feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you. We are here to put your mind at rest and help you out as much as we can here in Florida.



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"I had just moved to Hialeah and after living here for 3 months my water heater tank flooded my downstairs. I called Water Damage Services Florida and they came out straight away to clean up and take care of everything for me. They installed big fans and it dried out quickly and they had the home looking like new in no time." - Mitch Robinson – Hialeah, FL

"I was constantly bleaching my bathroom because of mold so in the end I got annoyed because it kept coming back each time. I decided to call in the professionals “Water Damage Services Florida” to give me a quote and they did a great job of inspecting, testing and eliminating everything. I have not had an issue since and they gave me tips on keeping the mold away." - Dean Shaw – Sunrise, FL

"All it took was me to turn my back for 2 minutes and my fryer caught fire and burnt my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to smother the flames with a wet towel and extinguish it but some damage had already been done. Water Damage services Florida were the first company I called and they said they would come out straight away to check the condition of the kitchen but first they checked I was ok which was sweet of them. They dealt with my insurance company and they did a great job of fixing my kitchen and getting rid of the smoke smell in my house." Mary Clark – Miami, FL