Mold Removal

  • Mold can be something nasty that can affect ones health so when you do discover it there is no time to wait in getting it removed.

    Mold remediation uses different techniques to rid a property of different types and spores of mold. Water Damage Services Florida does possess some of the greatest instruments and staff to test and remove mold for good. We take the time to inspect a property and see if it’s just impacted one area or spread to other areas of the home so you don’t have to worry about calling the mold inspector back in the future as it will all be discovered and cleaned on the first visit.

    Molds normally can cause health problems over a certain amount of time if exposed, such as sneezing, coughing, throat irritation and a tight chest. It can be a miserable experience sneezing and coughing all the time and you should address this matter quick if you know or suspect you have mold in your residence so we can come and take care of it.

    With Florida being prone to some major storms and hurricanes that bring rain and dampness it can also force a place that has small leaks and inadequate air flow to cause rapid mold growth in a property. If you find yourself in this position then you need to call us and have one of our team come out and fix it for you. Any attic spaces and crawl spaces could be harboring a great deal of mold, and with humidity being an issue in Florida that wet damp air is a prime growing environment for mold. We suggest a dehumidifier if you have one in the home as it will help eliminate that damp air that causes mold. All of our mold technicians can advise you on the best models and males to buy that will make a real difference.

    Our first step if you suspect mold is send out a mold assessment professional to see if you even have mold and if so what type it is. This will help identify what steps need to be taken to remediate the issue at hand. We need to test the mold in a lab as this will help us eliminate it first time because we will know the correct mold cleaner to use on the mold growth.

    If you do decide to try and clean it yourself please use the correct protective gear as you are dealing with toxins. We really suggest you give us a call but we know some people like to try themselves first. If you notice it has come back after a few weeks then it’s time to call us and we will make sure the mold issue is solved once and for all.

    All of our mold remediation team in Florida are trained and have been working in the field for many years, they know how to deal with mold growth first hand and they are always available to guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.



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"I had just moved to Hialeah and after living here for 3 months my water heater tank flooded my downstairs. I called Water Damage Services Florida and they came out straight away to clean up and take care of everything for me. They installed big fans and it dried out quickly and they had the home looking like new in no time." - Mitch Robinson – Hialeah, FL

"I was constantly bleaching my bathroom because of mold so in the end I got annoyed because it kept coming back each time. I decided to call in the professionals “Water Damage Services Florida” to give me a quote and they did a great job of inspecting, testing and eliminating everything. I have not had an issue since and they gave me tips on keeping the mold away." - Dean Shaw – Sunrise, FL

"All it took was me to turn my back for 2 minutes and my fryer caught fire and burnt my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to smother the flames with a wet towel and extinguish it but some damage had already been done. Water Damage services Florida were the first company I called and they said they would come out straight away to check the condition of the kitchen but first they checked I was ok which was sweet of them. They dealt with my insurance company and they did a great job of fixing my kitchen and getting rid of the smoke smell in my house." Mary Clark – Miami, FL