Flood Restoration

  • Flooding of a home or business can be a truly miserable experience and if it happens to you then you can count on Water Damage Services Florida to be on standby to help you out.

    Here in Florida we deal with a great amount of flash floods in certain areas, and when it rains it pours which will bring with it some very unwanted flood water that might affect your home or business. The normal cause of flooding can be a backing up of drains, if they have not been maintained properly the buildup of water will become so great that it will force the water from a street in to people’s homes. And if you are in that unfortunate situation then you will need a company like ours to come in and deal with the aftermath of the flooding.

    If flooding occurs due to storm or hurricane conditions or even a burst pipe then you must avoid any potential hazards. Don’t go in the water if you can without water proofing and if you do be careful of any open cuts and wounds because that water especially if it’s coming from backed up drains will not be clean.

    Don’t drink water from the tap if you don’t have to; use bottled water because if you have water coming from wells the source might now be contaminated.

    Call us straight away and we will advise you on steps to take to minimize flooding and damage to your home and ways to avoid injuring yourself in doing so. We also recommend staying away from anything electrical because as you know water and electric don’t mix so if you are stood in water with live electricity the outcome will not be good at all.

    Make your way to high ground also, if your home has 2 levels then move to where it’s dry and take any pets with you along with any valuables you want saved.

    We also suggest if the flooding is due to sever storm damage and its ongoing it might take a while for us to get to you depending if the street has been affected, if it’s a burst pipe we will be out to you as soon as possible. We have trucks that can go through flood water but if roads are closed and police are not letting us in to an area we suggest evacuating the property when safe to do so with the emergency services help and have us deal with the home once the flood water recedes.

    All of our flood pumps are highly effective in pumping that water from the property to a drain outside we will then look at removing anything that has been festering in the water during the flooding. The aim is to get anything damp out and take back the dry wall so we can dry the studding. If there is any damp it could cause mold so we want to make sure there is no damp at all and everything that is damaged is removed so the place is safe.

    When a flood happens call one of our licensed flood removal specialists here in Florida who will assist you to the best of their abilities.



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"I had just moved to Hialeah and after living here for 3 months my water heater tank flooded my downstairs. I called Water Damage Services Florida and they came out straight away to clean up and take care of everything for me. They installed big fans and it dried out quickly and they had the home looking like new in no time." - Mitch Robinson – Hialeah, FL

"I was constantly bleaching my bathroom because of mold so in the end I got annoyed because it kept coming back each time. I decided to call in the professionals “Water Damage Services Florida” to give me a quote and they did a great job of inspecting, testing and eliminating everything. I have not had an issue since and they gave me tips on keeping the mold away." - Dean Shaw – Sunrise, FL

"All it took was me to turn my back for 2 minutes and my fryer caught fire and burnt my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to smother the flames with a wet towel and extinguish it but some damage had already been done. Water Damage services Florida were the first company I called and they said they would come out straight away to check the condition of the kitchen but first they checked I was ok which was sweet of them. They dealt with my insurance company and they did a great job of fixing my kitchen and getting rid of the smoke smell in my house." Mary Clark – Miami, FL