Fire and Smoke Damage Repair and Clean Up

  • Fires can happen at a given notice and if not controlled quick enough it can cause some major damage to a property. You then have to deal with the cleanup of soot and water and this is where our team comes in to help clean up.

    Disaster can strike in all forms when you own a home and a fire can be one of the major ones that no one wants to encounter. Firstly if you have just been through a home fire then we hope no one was injured in the blaze and everyone got out safe. Secondly we hope the fire did not cause too much damage and our great firefighters we have here in Florida managed to contain it to a safe level. Thirdly it’s time to call in a professional to take care of the aftermath and this is where we can help you.

    First things first is to have us come out and assess the fire damage, you will also want to notify your insurance company if you have one. We will then send our best fire damage contractor in Florida to look at boarding the place up so no one gets in while we are working on the house to clear out any damaged items. You will need to arrange to stay at a relative’s place or friends place while we are working on the property to clean it of water damage and soot. A skip will need to be hired to dispose of stuff that is damaged and we can arrange that for you as part of the service. Our team has to wear protective clothing and masks so they don’t inhale any nasty toxins laying around in the property from the fire damage. They will also arrange any possessions that you wish to keep being stored away for you.

    All our team work 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we are always on alert incase a fire breaks out and you need our help. No matter how big the scale of the fire or how small it is we will be there to deal with the clean up and our services will minimize the long term damaging effects of the fire and smoke.

    Water Damage Services Florida has been dealing with fire damage for many years now so there is not a better company to call than ours. We look to work with you and get this problem solved ASAP so you can resume everyday life and we want to get you back in to your home without you feeling too much stress. And in the event of a fire a home can always be cleaned and rebuilt and we will be here with you every step of the way, as long as you are safe this makes us happy and our fire damage restoration team here in Florida will make you feel confident that you are getting your life back on track after such a traumatic event.



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"I had just moved to Hialeah and after living here for 3 months my water heater tank flooded my downstairs. I called Water Damage Services Florida and they came out straight away to clean up and take care of everything for me. They installed big fans and it dried out quickly and they had the home looking like new in no time." - Mitch Robinson – Hialeah, FL

"I was constantly bleaching my bathroom because of mold so in the end I got annoyed because it kept coming back each time. I decided to call in the professionals “Water Damage Services Florida” to give me a quote and they did a great job of inspecting, testing and eliminating everything. I have not had an issue since and they gave me tips on keeping the mold away." - Dean Shaw – Sunrise, FL

"All it took was me to turn my back for 2 minutes and my fryer caught fire and burnt my kitchen cabinets. I was lucky enough to smother the flames with a wet towel and extinguish it but some damage had already been done. Water Damage services Florida were the first company I called and they said they would come out straight away to check the condition of the kitchen but first they checked I was ok which was sweet of them. They dealt with my insurance company and they did a great job of fixing my kitchen and getting rid of the smoke smell in my house." Mary Clark – Miami, FL